Rules and Regulations

There are rules set for each area of the curriculum to ensure a safe and happy environment. Children will be involved in producing these rules which should be followed.

  1. Courtesy and good manner are expected from all staff members and children.
  2. Children should be in school 5 minutes before the school timings
  3. Procedures for leave or absence due to sickness should be followed
  4. All children should be well dress up in school uniform. Girls may wear simple earrings but no other
  5. No child should leave the compound during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  6. Homework should be completed daily and reading books returned to school.
  7. Children in year 2 and above must bring a packed lunch vegetable is compulsory.
  8. Chocolates, sweet biscuits, cakes and sweetened soft drinks are not allowed.
  9. No electronic items may be brought to school and any other items brought into school must be placed in the designated place in the classroom for safe keeping.