Special Features Of The School
  • Concept making method of teaching.
  • Understanding based education.
  • Specially designed English Grammar Syllabus.
  • Proper Individual Care.
  • Fear free close __________ between teachers and students.
  • Expressional skill through group discussion and other communicative skills.
  • International mode of Testing. I.e. MCQ – Answer from the very beginning so the students feel easy in their future competitive exams.
  • VPS has a very big computer lab to make students efficient tools of society.
  • VPS has Physics, Chemistry, Bio and Math's Labs to show them the scientific wonders.
  • To include the reading habits, VPS has a well stocked library with reading room.
  • Population free environment.
  • Well landscaped sprawling lawns and lush green gardens.
  • To enjoy six hours, Nursery wing is equipped with plenty of toys.
  • For effective teaching VPS has an Audio Visual lab also.
  • Truly speaking VPS has a team of well educated, fully devoted and well experienced teachers. The company of such good teachers will provide the students a homely atmosphere.
Transportation Facilities

School has its own fleet of buses which play on the routes decided by the school. The routes and pickup points are displayed on the notice board of the school. Parents desirous of availing this facility indicate their willingness in the appropriate column in the admission form.

It is the sole responsibility of a parent to escort their ward to and from the fixed bus stops. The bus facility is extended to the parents at their risk and responsibility. The child can be debarred from availing the facility, in case of indiscipline.

Sports Facilities

In order to keep our kids talents full of life and vigour, we encourage and organize lots of sports activity in the school. The institute organizes sports events every year for the students. We believe in healthy hearts and strong minds.

Sports are an integral part of our curriculum and regarded as important as the academic component. We firmly believe that for a healthy mind and body one needs to exercise and stay fit on a regular basis Physical Education develops a sense of fair play, team work and leadership qualities in the students.

Library Facilities

The School's Library is the backbone of academic activities of the School. One can get his or her desired information on any functional area of management and communication, arts etc., right from fiction to specialized subject encyclopedias. The library is fully classified and catalogued and users can search for information at their own

Computer Lab Facilities

With the changed trends, computer education at the school level has assumed a vital role. The school has a well-equipped computer laboratory for inculcating knowledge on a fast track so that students of this School ultimately become leaders in this field.

The school provides the necessary latest hardware and software infrastructure to cater to the computing needs of all the students and staff and the training needs of information technology related courses. All the systems are equipped with necessary software and latest configuration (Intel, Pentium 4 Processor 1.9 GHz.). An Internet connection assets the students in their continuous search for knowledge through the World Wide Web.

Class Room

The School has well-designed class rooms with the essential teaching aids like audio visual equipment overhead projectors, slide projectors, T. V. and V. C. R for the use of faculty members and students

Art and Craft Room Facilities

The school has a separate 'Art Room' where creativity of students is nurtured with necessary equipment to sensitize their aesthetic qualities.