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Dayanand Senior Secondary School grabs little kids, nurtures, nourises, mends and mould these young minds into confident, all rounders ready to face the challenges of life. We don't see education as a claustrophobic, soul-killing exercise that centers on classroom conditioning and stunts the creative instinct of the individual. Education at Dayanand Senior Secondary Convent School is a highly interactive, two-way process in which the teachers and the taught are fellow on an insatiable intellectual exploration of the world around them.....

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  • YASH

    YASH CLASS: 3rd Gold DOB:17-07-2016
  • AKSH

    AKSH CLASS: 2nd Silver DOB:17-07-2017

    HARDIK CLASS: 2nd Silver DOB:17-07-2015

Teaching is a splendid profession because you are dealing with children and there is no other way to connect with them other than through the heart. It is only those who really love children .....

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Children should be nurtured through practice. Weil quotes "The world will not become what we don't teach. So teach humanity, mastery, perfection through thinking and practice. .....

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